Why God made puppies?

When I was a young girl and death stole my pet, it brought on a trauma I’d not soon forget.I hid in my room and no food would I take, I wondered if God hadn’t made one mistake: He granted a puppy with whom I had grown, but gave her a life span far short of my own.
Then when I matured, as if God had a plan, I soon settled down with a dog-loving man. We took in the homeless, the frail and the weak; we also converted the vicious to meek. I learned the great lesson is not a years they bear, but the strong bonds of trust and the love that you share.
And so as we’ve journeyed down life’s winding road, a number of puppies have shared our abode, both large ones and small ones with long floppy ears. We’ve cherished the joys which wrer tempered with tears. And now as I thank God in heaven above, I know He made puppies to teach us to love.

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