Some Sharings…

Every weekend I look in the newspaper for coupons.While looking in the newspaper this weekend I found an interesting article.It’s about suggestions to help achieve your New year’s resolutions and become more optimistic: Since this month is still the first month of the year I think it’s not too late to share it with you guys.
* Look back on the year and creat 2 lists: one with all your successes; the other with disappointments. Appreciate the successes and acknowledge the disappointments, Robbins said.
* Celebrate the successes on your list. Post them at home or share them with family and friends. But before you do that, destroy your list of disappointments. “Tear it up, burn it, let it go,” Robbins said.”Say or do whatever is necessary for you to bring real closure to this past year.”
* Steer yourself away from gossip.
*Ponder 2008 seriously. Give yourself time to think about what what you want.”Make a short but bold list of personal and professional goals for 2008,” Robbins said. “Post them share them with others and refer to them often throughout the year.”
* Find an inspirational quote that sums it all up and post it close by. When you feel pessimism taking over your life– draw strength from it.
* Keep a gratitude journal.
* Try to see the good side of every situation.
* When people compliment you, say “Thank You.” Then shut up. “We always make a funny comment or argue about it when someone gives us compliment.” Instead , seize the moment.
* Acknowledge people often and freely. However, they should be genuine compliments, not just smoke.

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