This story I shared from the newspaper which I read this morning..

A nice story which an author made for the readers…
Don’t let nay-sayers drag you down
When I was a girl, I remember coming home from school one day saddened. My mother gently put her arm around me and inquired,” What’s wrong honey?” with my head down, I asked,” Am I smart, mom?” She looked at me curiously. And then I continued, Because I overheard someone say that I was stupid.”Who said that to you?”She quickly asked.”One of the girls in class,”I replied. How many of us feel worthless, inadequate and incompetent because of negative words that someone spoke? Countless readers have written to me telling that they were told they were not smart enough or attractive enough, would not amount to anything or their dreams were never going to happen.
Who said that to you?
We must never listen to unconstructive voices or rely on negative opinions of others, letting them steal our unique creativity. Let’s resist pressures that try to mold us into something we are not, for GOD made each of us with a different purpose. Other people’s disapproving, hurtful words do not set the limit for our life. GOD loves us, highly regards us and wants to take us to a new level, far above any limitation we may think we have ourselves.
So let us pursue what GOD placed in our heart, believing it, staying true to who we are and rising above any unwarranted criticism.
It does not matter what some might say, for with GOD’s help, we can fulfill our destiny. I have found that often the people who try to bring us down can actually push us to our divine providence. Difficult situations make us stronger; as a result, we will be able to accomplish more. The door that closed in our face can, in fact open window to exciting opportunities. As we Trust GOD, staying faithful and honoring HIM with our life, while serving and treating others right, situations can turn in our favor.

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