I want to share WHY FEBRUARY is important to me…..

Yesterday I shared this topic in some of my blogs and today in this blog…I share this because some important events with me will happened in this month.


– it was the month which my parent finally got a baby girl that they were waiting for so long, that was me, on the 15th…
– also the month I went to HONGKONG for work, in 1999.
– was the month I received my first b-day present from my husband who was my fiance’ at that time. It was a cake and a bouquet of flowers, in 2005.
– was the month of my schedule for physical examination and interview for Fiancee VISA in US Embassy, Manila in 2006.
– this month we’re expecting BABY BOY and HOPEFULLY my husband get an early retirement approval.
That’s why this month is so SPECIAL to me…….

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