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Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, its been days I couldn’t update you in this blog, neither post or replying messages in my cbox. Sorry friends. Anyway thank you so much for visiting my blog even though I’m late replying to the messages that you left in my cbox. I do really try my best to be on time updating […]

Haircuts…Does it affect your look?

Tagging time……..

Thanks sexy momma for sharing this tag….. I’m grateful for: -family health-have a wonderful family-have a wonderful husband-have a wonderful baby-being a first time mom-husband early retirement-meet friends through blogging-and all the things and graces we have *Start Copy*In order to be able to achieve and maintain happiness, we need to actively be able to […]

Breakup and Learn

Missed my outdoor works!!!!!!!!!!

Spring time and I missed outdoor works!!!!!!!!! Since last week my husband worked in our backyard. He done cutting branches and twigs from 2 trees cut down few months ago, because it was winter he hadn’t time to keep all branches and twigs out in our backyard. Now I miss helping him to keep all […]