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Yesterday I was talking about my jeans and it was so timimg when I was browsing yahoo shopping I read an important topic regarding jeans. The topic is ….. Best Jeans for Your Figure by REDBOOK… 12 pairs of the most flattering…
The Best Jeans: Flat Behind
The key to going from flat to flattering is finding a pair of jeans with some Lycra or spandex for lift, wide-set back pockets to break up the turf back there, and embellished stitching to define roundness. Most important, stay away from stiff denim — it will flatten your backside like a pancake!
The Best Jeans: Bubble Behind
Women with the coveted “bubble behind” have a not-so-coveted challenge: to find jeans that fit their derriere but don’t gape at the waist. Jeans with a high waist and/or a contoured seam above the back pockets (instead of dipping, it should crest upward toward the waist) are most likely to hold in your curves. Also, choose a pair with some stretch for a sag-free fit.
The Best Jeans: No Behind
The trick to creating a backside where there really isn’t one is to wear jeans with eye-catching posterior details, like flap or button pockets and multicolored designer stitching, which help give the illusion of a little junk in the trunk. Nana says, “These are so comfortable, and I love that my rear didn’t get lost in them!”
The Best Jeans: Triangle Behind
A triangle behind (widest where your hips meet the thighs) is in need of some balance. The ideal pair of jeans is one made of a heavyweight denim with only a little stretch, to help round out the bottom of your derriere. Also, strategically placed pockets — ones that are on a diagonal or set high toward the waist — keep eyes focused on the center of your butt and not on your outer thighs to achieve balance.
The Best Jeans: Wide Behind
Rule No. 1 for making a wide posterior look great: Avoid wide-leg jeans, which cling to your widest point and nowhere else. Straight-leg or boot-cut shapes — with closely set pockets that draw eyes to the center — are better because they don’t use too much fabric. Instead, they skim your curves, highlighting your best assets.
The Best Jeans: Low Behind
Ladies with low rear ends need a little lift. Look for slim-fit jeans — they give the illusion of a higher rear because they make legs look longer and sleeker. But avoid jeans with no back pockets — without distracting details, the jeans will make your posterior look lower (and bigger!) than it actually is.

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  1. Moon Goddess Lae's Gravatar Moon Goddess Lae
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    I bet you’re a fashionista!

  2. Ilocana's Gravatar Ilocana
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    I like this one, very informative to those who don’t have such “rear assets” and hope to at least look like they have one,,,like me,,,ha,ha,ha..

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