World’s Best Places To Live

New York, London, and Paris are internationally renowned cities but consultants at Mercer Consulting have picked Zurich Switzerland, as the best place to live in the company’s annual survey. Consultants rated each city on a variety of factors including the level of traffic congestion, air quality, and personal safety reported by expatriates living in more than 600 cities worldwide.
Mercer acknowledges with a high quality of life are not necessarily the most exciting. Rebecca Powers, a principal consultant in human capital for the company said, “there are a lot of sleepy towns that got a high ratings”. But if you were to judge them on something like nightlife, there are some that probably wouldn’t have rated as high.” The top ten lists…
No. 1: Zurich, Switzerland
No. 2 (tie): Vienna, Austria
No. 2 (tie): Geneva, Switzerland
No. 4: Vancouver, Canada
No. 5: Auckland, New Zealand
No. 6: Dusseldorf, Germany
No. 7 (tie): Munich, Germany
No. 7 (tie): Frankfurt, Germany
No. 9: Bern, Switzerland
No. 10: Sydney, Australia

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