Hot day and high prices

As I told you yesterday I supposedly was planning to go to Randazzo’s to buy fresh vegetables and fruits but the weather is quite hot for our baby to go out and I was tired after cleaning our backyard, so we postponed till today. We just newly arrived from Randazzo’s and it’s my first time going there since I gave birth to my son. Before we usually went there to buy fresh veggies and fruits because they have a huge selection that we can choose from. Their vegetables are really so fresh as well as the fruits and we can save some money as well. But I’ve noticed today my price of bread was raised which I used to buy there. It only cost 0.99 cents before but now it cost $1.19, really now a days everything is going up higher in price. Now most of us I know for sure are really finding ways or places we can find lower prices and good deals.

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  1. Marilyn Christian's Gravatar Marilyn Christian
    July 20, 2008 - 8:36 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the visit. Magkuyog nya ta uli sa ato ky isig likod ra atong lungsod. Nasalipdan mn sa mga bukid, visita nya ko sa n u Argao ba ky wa pa ko kaanha diha dapit, my nindot beach pod dha,…Ok..take care.

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