Miss Universe 2008

Last night my husband and I watched the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant. First we watched the most awaited selection of the top 15, on that time I hoped Miss Philippines was one of them, unfortunately, no. So I decided to select who would be crowned Miss Universe of 2008. On the top 15 I had no idea whom would be my favorite but my husband has, he chose Miss Russia. Until the top 10 especially in evening gown, I chose Miss Venezuela, she is really gorgeous with her yellow evening gown. So I told my husband, I choose Miss Venezuela. That time we bet each other who would win. With the top 5 selection both of our choices were selected, so we both were happy until the awaited question and answer portion. I know who’s really to be crowned. I was so confident of the answer, Miss Venezuela was really crowned and got the title of Miss Universe 2008. I won the bet with my husband!!!!!!! I noticed last night the 4 of the top five Miss Universe 2008 finalist were Latin, Miss Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

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