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I think it was last month that I was talking about my pants which I bought before I came here(USA), that they didn’t fit me anymore since I gave birth to my son. Many times my husband asked me to buy some new pants to replace them because he knows that I like wearing pants. So we tried many times when we went shopping to select some pants for me but it’s hard to find the exact size. The sizes are bigger and really not my size. I thought sometimes to try the fit in Junior or children pants, hehehehe. Anyway the last time we went shopping, my husband pointed out a pair of shorts in children’s clothing. I thought he wanted to buy them for our son so I told him, it’s to big for him, then he said for you, hehehe.. So I bought it and when I arrived at home, I tried them on and you know what?,they really fit so nice. I can conclude that my size is in children or in Junior clothing….really difficult to find clothes for me here…

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  1. Michelle's Gravatar Michelle
    July 13, 2008 - 5:03 am | Permalink

    you know what, it took me time to buy clothes here in US because im petite and skinny a little bit. when i shop, i tried to look at the XS size hoping that it will fit me coz sometimes it fit me, but i have no luck with pants. i was able to buy pants here for work which is black and we shop lots of stores just to find my size. i was so disappointed and get tired of shopping but after a year here i know where to shop for my size. the stores that carry my size are charlotte russe, wet seal, ann taylor, express, new york & company, and ross. you just have to be patient in shopping and check every aisle coz im sure you’ll find one for you. guess what? the first jeans i bought here was i think 2 months ago at the junior section. ^_^

  2. Michelle's Gravatar Michelle
    July 14, 2008 - 3:36 am | Permalink

    hi lis, thanks sa visit. ang ann taylor is LOFT na sya, nakakuha sad ko ug akong sukod sa body central, nya recently sa mall nga naay dillards, jc penney, macy’s, belk ug uban nga dakong tindahan sa mall naa sad ka makuha sa junior. usually sa tops naa jud ka size sa junior kay daghan naigo nako sa junior section, asta ang shorts gani sa junior ko. nindot pa kay ang uso nya pang sexy. hehe basta try sa junior size, bisan unsa nga tindahan nya pasensya lang kung di ka makakita dayon kay madugay nimo ug pangita, makakita ra jud ka pareha nako. sa una surrender ko ug pangita nya karon kahibaw nako asa dapit, sige lang ug pakli2 sa mga gipang hang kay usahay ang Small size nailadman ra uban sinina. good luck sa imong pag shopping. 🙂

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