Natural Skin Care Products

I discovered a great skin care company called SIA Botanics. I was searching online for skin care and finally I found a site called Go to Sia Botanics. Sia Skincare. Sia Difference. It is a high performance and natural skin care company. SIA Botanics uses natural ingredients and botanical formulations that are beneficial to your skin and never uses toxic chemicals that can damage your skin. I was looking at there Botanical face lotion and found that it has 90% organic ingredients with the key ingredient being Aloe Vera and vitamin E. which is just what I need. Then I also discovered they have a great Clear Up Cleanser for my face which is sulfate and paraben free and effectively washes away sebium and bacteria without irritating or drying your skin with key ingredients of Rooibos Tea, Sugar Cane and Tea Tree. And I’ll let you in a little secret.If you are one of the next 100 people to order and sign up for Sia Botanics Fanatics, you will receive a coupon for 20% off. This offer is not on Sia Botanics website, they just want to surprise the next 100 customers. If your order is $100.00 or over, they will give you free shipping also. They have many more healthy skin care products to offer so visit their site now, just click the link above.

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