Quite busy for our appointments

Today I haven’t much time in front of the computer because quite I’m busy with appointments. In the morning when I woke up, I directly prepared things for me and my baby. My husband and I went to his UAW lawyer for some paper signing and some discussions. Just newly arrived from there and I tried to post in this blog at this time because in a couple of minutes we are leaving to go to Bobbie Jean’s to have dinner. So not much time here and we are leaving soon…

3 Comments to "Quite busy for our appointments"

  1. Lynn's Gravatar Lynn
    July 19, 2008 - 4:26 am | Permalink

    hello lis! musta na? super busy life? ganyan talaga. visiting u here lang. ingatz!

  2. Daniel GM's Gravatar Daniel GM
    July 19, 2008 - 9:58 am | Permalink

    take your time… don’t forget to take some rest… wish you all the best from Indonesia…MyBlog

  3. JeFf & NoVa's Gravatar JeFf & NoVa
    July 22, 2008 - 1:45 pm | Permalink

    hi lisa my dear, its been a while pud ko wala nakabisita nimo diri… pastilan we have the same busy life jud noh..

    saon kay diri man ko gud unya i have to do and gather some paper works uy para sa immigration, aron mahuman na jud ni bah…makapahuway kog kajut pud ani…hehehehe…

    thank you sa imong pag-giha ug time ha? masking busy imong beauty imoha jud kong gi-duaw…

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