Critter Repellent

Last year I had a garden with egg plants, tomatoes and okra, but I had a problem with a small animal eating my vegetables before I had a chance to pick them. I think it was a rabbit or maybe a raccoon that was eating my garden vegetables. This year I couldn’t make a garden because of my busy schedule but my husband still noticed that some small critter had made a home for itself in our lawn. So I decided to look on the Internet to see if I can find something to help keep the little animals away without harming them. The site I found is called and they sell Organic/Green repellent sprays and coatings you can spread around your home that will keep these pesky critters away without harming them. To keep critters like raccoons away, HavaHart has a product called Critter Ridder which is used as a racoon repellent and one application last up to 30 days. HavaHart also has a Critter Library that has information about every kind of critter that can be a pest in our yards and how to make them stay away without harming them. Besides Animal Repellents, they also sell Live Animal Traps, Pet Dog Supplies, and products for your lawn and garden. Havahart has a long list of resources and products for you use to get rid of the pest in and around your home, so if you have pest in your yard, just click the link above.

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