Pet Information Site

Do you like dogs as pets? Myself, I like them so much, in fact when I was in the Philippines we had a lot of dogs. When I came here in the USA, my husband didn’t have one, but we have plans to get a dog when we moved back to the Philippines. But before we have a pet dog, my husband and I will make sure that we both are prepared for it because it’s not easy training them. I have witnessed a lot of aggression in dogs whose owners don’t know how to control them. So we found a site called that can help us. They have information about how aggression in dogs can be dangerous, why is your dog aggressive?, and training tips on how to curb aggression and manage rough play. also has a Health Center, Breed Center, Care and Nutrition and a Behavior Center. They have a Top Ten Health Guide and you can even get barking dog ringtones there. This is a great site for pet owners to get all the information you might need to know about your pet.

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