Autumn Yard Work

It is a nice day here with nice sunshine and a cool breeze outside. My husband work hard cleaning in our yard. He used to cut the grass in our front and backyard. He refused my help because of the weather and we couldn’t bring the little boy outside to long. It was much better in the summer time because could put our baby in his stroller while he watched us working in our yard. It starts me to miss yard work but let me see this coming days, especially autumn times when all the leaves start falling down in our driveway and in our yard, then I will try to help my husband clean up the mess. Last autumn, I enjoyed helping my husband clean up our driveway and our yard of so much leaves. We used many paper bags to carry the leaves. It was hard work but I enjoyed sweeping up the leaves. Also my husband used a mower to mulch the leaves in grass areas. This autumn I will see if he allows me to help him and I hope we can manage this time.

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