House Cleaning

When I newly arrived here in the USA doing daily routine was so mangeable especially when I was alone at home after my husband went to work. I did all the house cleaning like sweeping the floor, keep our bed in proper arrangement, wiping the cabinets, tables and furniture and even gardening, I did it all.

Now that I have a little boy, it’s hard for me to clean up everyday. That’s why if I do cleaning at home I need to set a day when, so that I can manage myself and let my husband help me with it. Especially now that our little boy starts walking in his walker, we need to keep our floor clean.

I was browsing on the Internet a few minutes ago and I found a topic which I think can help me manage my daily routine at home with my little boy. I think this is a nice topic to share and in fact I saved this as one of my favorites. I think this is a nice time management for cleaning the house.

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