My Dog!!!!!!!!

Do you like a dog as a pet? Myself I do, in fact when I was in the Philippines we had three dogs in our house. I remembered one of our dogs got hit by a car and I heard his voice just screaming in pain and I felt so really bad at the time and we cared for him for how many days until he could walk again. I liked that dog because he was really so smart and friendly as well. When I got here in USA and I asked my mother while chatting with her about my favorite dog, then my mother said to me that the dog died due to illness. I felt bad after I heard the news but I had no choice but to accept it. Anyway talking about dogs, I’ve visited blogthings again and answered some questions they have regarding what kind of dog should you have? The answer below is exactly what kind of dog/s I’d like to have as a pet.

You Should Own a Poodle

Lively, smart, and graceful.

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