My Little Boy

Today finally we’ve seen sunlight. For how many days being dark skies due to clouds finally today we have sunlight but partly cloudy. No rain, unlike a few days ago, every time I woke up it was raining outside, but this morning we had clear skies.

Also my little boy had a nice sleep last night. He slept earlier than the last 2 nights which I shared with you yesterday that he went to sleep at 3 AM. Last night he went to sleep his normal time and he woke up quite late in the morning. It’s OK now and I hope he continues it. Also I’ve noticed him every time he wakes up earlier than me he won’t cry and he just talks by himself until I wake up hearing him talk. He is more active now but he can’t play long time by himself because he want us to play with him too. The problem is I can’t work to long in front of the computer because he is always moving and getting bored while he’s with me. He finds a way to let me entertained him or sometimes his dad plays with him.

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