It is nice day here today, The weather is good, when we woke up in the morning there was no clouds unlike the passed few days it was dark in the morning with full dark clouds in the sky. That time I think it was remnants from hurricane Ike. Thankfully, the hurricane is no more but it done much damage to some parts of Texas and started tornadoes in other states like ours. I know how hard it was for those people who experienced this kind of disasters, especially to those who lost everything. But life goes like that, we have bad and good times. I know we don’t want the bad ones but these kind of disasters can’t be stopped and we can’t blame anybody. It came from mother nature, all we can do is prepare our self for when it happens and be strong.

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  1. emzpie's Gravatar emzpie
    September 18, 2008 - 5:03 am | Permalink

    YEAH,ayon nga kay Kuya Kim ang buhay ay weather weather lang..hehe,
    btw, its good thing u recover that kind of disaster..

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