Flu Shot

Today is a great day here. We have nice weather again with nice sunlight. As my usual routine here, when I woke up in the morning I’m directly in front of the computer while my little one is asleep. At noon he woke up and I prepared food for him. My husband and I decided to get a flu shot today. He searched online for a pharmacy or center nearby us that offered flu shots. He found one which is CVS pharmacy, it’s a nice one too because it covers our insurance. We went there and then we filled out some information and a few minutes later we both got a shot. Mine was different then my husband’s because I use breast milk for my little boy. The nurse gave me the safe one for my little boy. How about you guys, did you get your flu shot yet? If you are interested it’s easy, you just search online for clinic near you, just like what my husband did. It was fast and convenient for us to do that.

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