Watching TV

We have a nice day and night here, and we finished our dinner a few hours ago. Now we are watching TV. I like the shows we were watching. Both are on ABC. First show we watched was America’s funniest home video and now we are watching Extreme makeover. How I wish to have a house makeover here but it’s far from reality. Well, I wish our house here will sell out soon so that we can start living in our second home in the Philippines.

Back to our topic about shows on TV, wow what a great house after makeover. The owner is deserving too because they have daycare in their house which needed to be a nice place where the kids can stay every time their parents go to work. My husband said that the old house they tore down was better than our house, except we don’t have a mold problem like they had. There new house is at least 4 times bigger than ours to.

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