Eyeglasses from Zenni

The time I got pregnant with my little boy, my husband always hoped that the eyes of our little boy are same as mine. I asked him, why? He said to me that his eyes are not good as mine. He said in his entire life he wore eyeglasses with thick lenses. I can understand his longing though, even I wanted the color of my little boy eyes are same as his which are blue. Anyway whatever the color of the eyes if he has bad eyes it’s really going to happen. Now my little boy has the same color of mine which are brown and we still can’t be sure if he needs to use eyeglasses in the future. I can’t even be sure if maybe I will need eyeglasses too. I asked my husband, what if I need eyeglasses? My husband said, well then we both wearing eyeglasses, lol. I told to him if that happens to me, then I’ll buy stylish prescription glasses from an online store called ZenniOptical.com. Zenni Optical sells those kind of eyeglasses with a starting price of $8 and they also have a large selection of frames in which I can choose from. My husband laughed at me after I talked to him and he said you’re really preparing yourself if you ever need eyeglasses, lol. Well, I’m not asking to have bad eyes but sometimes I can feel eye strain especially if I’m too long in front of the computer. I think to prepare for this is a good idea especially when they have low prices for eyeglasses and I love low prices, who doesn’t, right? If you are like me and are interested in their stylish prescription and low price eyeglasses, just visit their site now and choose the best for you.

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