Seabridge Bathing Walk in Tubs

Having a walk in tub is a must for the elderly and handicapped. If you’re elderly or handicapped or you are a taking care of such a person, a walk in tub can really make your life easier and safer. Falls in the bathroom and stairs account for more injuries in the home than any other area and 60% of falls that happen at home result in death. By having a walk in tub, you can reduce your chance of falling and be safer in your home. is a North American manufacturer, distributor, sales and installation provider of walk-in bathtubs and walk in tubs with power seats for the home and care facility. Their tubs are designed to be attractive in your home and they provide you with maximum safety, functionality, quality and independence. If you would like to find out more about Seabridge Bathing and their walk in tubs, just click the link above.

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