Tiring day, yesterday

It was a tiring day, yesterday. As I said in my last few post in my blog that we went to the Philippine Consulate in Chicago. Yes we did it yesterday. We had a long ride with our little boy. We woke up early and arrived in Chicago after about 6 hours. It was really so tiring especially with our little boy, that was his first long ride in a vehicle. I was worried at first because I thought he can’t understand and would get bored sitting down in his car seat for a long time, but I’m happy because he only cried when he wanted milk or if he wanted to sleep. But when we went back home and it was getting dark with no sunlight he started to cry and we noticed that he wants the car interior light on, so his daddy turn on the inside light of the vehicle. I’ve noticed him, he doesn’t like to travel at night time and me as well. We got home after 8 PM last night and I tried to update my blog but I was really so tired and we all went to sleep earlier than usual. This morning when I woke up, I had aching in my arm muscles and my husband had a backache from the 11 or 12 hours of travel yesterday. Well, I’m thankful that everything went OK with my processing and I’m waiting for my new passport.

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