Great Friday

What a great Friday!!!! I woke up with sunlight unlike the last few days past which had cloudy skies. I like sunlight in this cold weather but still I’m lazy to go out. Like in the afternoon my husband took back the rented carpet cleaner at Home Depot and I tried to go with him with our little boy but after he told me it was very cold outside, it change my mind. So I decided to stay at home and do something in my blog while my little boy was playing. 
Now it’s almost 3:15 PM here, they both are taking a nap and seems like I’m alone, lol. Well that’s nice too because I can continue working my blog while waiting for my little boy to wake up. He sleeps good at this time especially he sleeps in my lap with the music on. I mostly have music on in day time when he sleeps, if not, we’ve noticed he wakes up easily from different sounds like cell phone ringing or horn from a vehicle outside and other sounds inside the house. I have no idea if having the music on while he sleeps will give him a bad habit. I hope not because it’s just only in the day time and not in night time.  

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