9 month check up of my little boy

Forgetfulness really happens once in a while here. It happens that sometime we forget appointments, why is that? We forgot our little boy’s check up schedule. It happened last week, supposedly he had an appointment for his 9 month check up and meet his doctor. As I’d shared before that he was scheduled last week, but unfortunately when we went to the doctor the information staff said that his schedule was a day before we went there. So we just looked each other and made another schedule for him. So today is his second schedule and finally he finished in the morning and everything is good and his doctor told us his height is little over average but that’s fine for him because he is a boy. Today he got 3 shots that included a flu shot, then he cried a little and said, mama.., he is really so cute doing it,lol. Next month he’ll get another shot and he has another check up and see his doctor when he is 1 year old this coming February. 

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