Police Gear Site

As I said a while ago I went shopping in an online store for my husband’s Christmas present. I thought I was done shopping for him, but then I remembered that he needs a jacket. So I tried to find one for him online and luckily I found lapolicegear.com, because they sell tactical jackets. When you purchase their tactical jackets, they offer free shipping when your purchase is at least $50 using their coupon code jacket. If you purchase any 5.11 items that cost over $125, you’ll get a Free Travel Mug and if you purchase any of the 5.11 Jackets that are $179 or higher, you’ll get a Free Surefire G2 Flashlight. They have more 5.11 jackets in stock than anyone else, so your sure to find the style and color you want. Just click the link above.

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