Busier than before

Since we started letting our little boy play on the floor, I’m busier than before, but it’s OK. It started as I’ve said when we put our cat in the shelter for animals so that we can let our little boy start to crawl so he can be more active like other kids do. It was a hard decision for us to put our cat in a shelter. If that cat was more friendly maybe we would have kept it. but she even it scratched me many times when I touched her and that’s our fear if ever our little boy can touch her. Now back to my busy topic. We often clean our carpet using vacuum and once we cleaned it with a carpet cleaner after the cat was gone. Also our little boy is no longer playing in one place, he goes anywhere and he knows how to bother us when we are in the laptop. He wants to take all wires from the laptop such as the wire for the mouse and battery. Anyway, whatever he does, it’s my part to look after him.

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