Car seat

A few months ago my husband and I were planning to buy a car seat for our little boy. There were times my husband tried to look in the online stores to compare prices. He tried to bid on eBay but he had no luck with his bidding and somebody outbid him at the last minute. Then that night his daughter texted him and told that K mart offers a nice deal on a car seat. That night we both decided to go to K Mart the next day. We both were happy though because we found a nice car seat for our little boy at a good price. Aside from that there were lots of car seats to choose from and most were at discounted prices. The photo shown was the car seat we choose and it’s really nice and looks comfortable for my little boy, in fact he used it today when we went to the store. 

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  1. Lynn's Gravatar Lynn
    December 7, 2008 - 10:20 am | Permalink

    that’s really nice indeed. a car seat is a must there jud no?

    happy sunday sis!

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