Christmas present for our little boy

Today is really so cold and so snowy outside. We went out shopping for Christmas presents for our little boy. Christmas is just only a day and hours to wait, so we had no choice to not go shopping today. While we were out today I decided to get my hair cut after our shopping so that we only have to go out once in this cold weather. When we arrive in the store my little boy was amused looking at the clothes and toys. Before, we planned not to buy him any more toys, our reason was he has many toys from his sister and he couldn’t play with them all yet. But our plan changed and we bought some for him. Especially when he saw the stuffed animals which he loved to watch. So we bought one for him. After 2 PM, we were done in the store and we headed to the hair salon which was across the street. At quarter to 3, my hair was finished and my little boy got sleepy and he was whining while we were on the way home. Anyway now is OK, he can sleep good and finally we have gifts ready for his first Christmas presents from us.

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