Debt Management Assistance

Having too much debt can cause many problems. If you have too much debt, you’re probably having trouble at home making ends meet and providing for your family. Having too much debt can also cause problems at work if your creditors are trying to get in touch with you at work or if they try to garnish your wages, and having too much debt can make it very hard to get a loan when you need one. If you’re debt is to high and you want to Avoid Bankruptcy in the UK, then I recommend that you apply for a IVA (individual voluntary arrangement) at Up to 70% of your debt could be written off if your Clear Debt Application is approved, then you could be debt free in 5 years or less! An IVA is a good idea if you need to cut your debt in half and you don’t have enough equity in your property and if you want to retain your property, an IVA is better than filing for bankruptcy. An IVA is also better than a Debt Management Plan(DMP) because a DMP usually is scheduled to last 10 years, compared to 5 years with an IVA, and a DMP will not necessarily give you any debt relief or stop creditors from bothering you for money. For more information, go to their site by clicking the link above.

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