A Gift That Can Save Lives

This holiday season you have a chance to give a unique and meaningful gift to friends and loved ones that can save lives. Holiday gift cards are available for U-Cord, which is a Cryo-Cell stem cell cord blood preservation service. If you know someone who is having a baby in the next few months, this would be a great gift card to give them. With Cryo-Cell’s cord blood preservation service, you can preserve vital stem cells from the baby’s cord blood. These stems are known to treat 75 diseases including  diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, anemia and cerebral palsy. Whether your a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, friend, or co-worker, giving a Cryo-Cell Holiday gift certificate is an ideal gift for an expecting mother. In addition to the Cryo-Cell stem cell preservation service, they also offer C’elle, which is a wonderful gift for women who are not pregnant. C’elle allows women to collect and cryopreserve stem cells for potential cellular treatments and therapies that may arise in the future. U-Cord and C’elle are two great services that will protect mom’s and baby’s health in the future. You can buy a Holiday gift card for both services from CryoCell International. Go to Cryo-Cell International’s Gifting Page to get your holiday gift card today.

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