Holiday Eyeglass Frames

I was chatting a few days ago with my family. Every time we chatted, we always asked each other how we were doing and then I asked my mother how’s she’s doing. She told me that she has a problem with her eyeglasses because they broke. I told her, “don’t worry, I’ll buy you new eyeglasses, just give me your eye prescription so that I can get a pair made for you”. I remembered that a few months ago I visited the Zenni Optical site which carries a huge selection of prescription eyeglasses with prices starting at $8. This is a great deal, especially when our budget is tight. Today I visited their site again and I saw that they have a great selection of Holiday frames¬†which I can choose from for my mother. The photo shown is the frame I selected for her. I know for sure my mother will like the color and style I selected for her. I know what my mother’s taste is and she trust me to choose the style she likes. This is a great idea for an additional gift for her since the holidays are still here and she will wear her new glasses every day and wherever she goes. Tonight is our schedule for chatting again so I have good news to tell her. I know she’ll be so happy.

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