New Artisan Marketplace

I am really impressed with those people who have craft talents, in fact many times I’ve tried handicraft making but I didn’t have the time to continue so I stopped. But since I registered Entrecard, I have visited different talented bloggers who display different crafts they’ve made in their blog, which has renewed my interest to do it again. I really like the knitting, beading crafts and many others.

Today I discovered which is a premier online marketplace for handmade products made by artisans around the world. Artisans can buy and sell their works in this online global market. Buyers will find all types of handmade craft items such as unique, elegantly designed hand made jewelry, handmade pottery from differrent cultures and countries, comfort handmade quilts, and handmade collectible art dolls. Also buyers can search this site for free and buy whatever they like. Sellers can make their business prosper and grow at the same time your membership will help the artisan community support other organizations that help us all. plants a tree for every new member and they plan to plant 1 million trees in 2009. If you’re one of the next 4,314 new members to join, your monthly fee will only be $7 a month for life!, which is cheaper than a daily relisting on Etsy. Whether your a buyer or a seller of handmade crafts and jewelry products, you will benefit from visiting Get your verified account by clicking the link above.

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