Saving Money on Shopping

When I ¬†arrived in USA, I started to collect coupons from our weekend newspaper. By collecting coupons, we really can save every time we go shopping. It takes time sometimes to find the items matching the coupons we have but we still do and enjoy it. Aside from the coupons we use, now that we have a baby, my husband and I decided to buy in bulk at Sam’s Club for our little boy’s things such as ¬†diapers and wipes because we can stock them quite longer. Also we can save by buying meat there, many times we bought chunk beef chicken breasts and pork chops. When we get home I just divide the meat into meal servings and freeze them. In this way we can save some money for our shopping and I’m very happy with it.

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  1. Zen Ventures's Gravatar Zen Ventures
    December 13, 2008 - 3:09 am | Permalink

    In this economy, every little thing helps!

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