Wet Tuesday

We have a wet Tuesday, since 2 days ago the snow started to melt. Until yesterday and last night had some rain. Today when I looked outside in the road and in our driveway it is so wet. It’s a good thing we don’t have any appointment to go out in this kind of weather. Last year it didn’t matter if we go out in this kind of weather because I could handle it but now that I have a baby it’s hard because there are so many things to prepare for the baby to keep him from getting cold. Anyway as I shared a while ago that I prefer to stay at home than to go out especially in this kind of weather, but staying at home is what I’m used to since I was in the Philippines. Staying at home can be boring one if you have nothing to do. When I was in the Philippines I was busy with my little store and raising pigs. Now, here I keep busy with my baby and blogging if I have time.

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