Nice morning

It is a nice morning for me here, why? Because I woke up early, lol. Honestly it is unusual for me to wake up early because we always ┬ástay up late at night. My little boy still has a problem sleeping at night. He can’t sleep early. Last night he sleeps 30 minutes earlier than his usual sleeping time and then this morning he woke up so early and after a few hours he went back sleep again. So I put him back in the bed and I tried to go back to sleep too but I couldn’t and my eyes are so awake, so I decided to go back in the living room and turn on the computer. So I’m early in front of the computer and doing some work. Well, it’s near 10 AM here now and it’s a nice morning to me so I share it with you guys. Have a nice morning to all!!!!!

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  1. Nanaybelen's Gravatar Nanaybelen
    March 7, 2009 - 12:08 am | Permalink

    Congrats! you got a nice sleep. When my kids were young most of the whole night i have no sleep.
    Take Care Lis

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