Nipa hut house

Many times my husband and I shared our thoughts about the time when we move to the Philippines and of course our future house there. We are planning to build a house when we get there, but where we live while the house is being built is one of the things we’ve considered. First we thought about renting a house or apartment to live in while waiting for the house to be finished, so we did some research on the cost to rent a house. We discovered that it is a little expensive to rent there, so we thought about another option which is we could build a native house or a nipa hut house for us to live temporarily because it would be inexpensive to build. ¬†We both like it this idea better rather than spend money without anything to show for it afterwards. Hope we don’t change our mind because I’d love to have a nipa hut house on our property.

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    Hi we also travel back to Ph very often and in the past we stayed on resorts.

    It is truly very expensive to do that all the time so we did build 2 simple nipa house for ourselves and some guest.

    And we are very happy with it – it would save us alot of money.

    Here’s a post where I show the houses that we have built:

    It’s our temporary accomodation too while our real house is still being built.

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