Thinking about our house

At this moment, I’m just thinking about our house here. Since my husband decided to put our house up for sale, he did so many things to make it easier to sell. Last year he started to replace the tile on the kitchen floor, fix the walls in the bathroom, installed a new bathtub and put new tiles on the bathroom floor. After finishing downstairs, he decided to finish the attic upstairs to add a 3rd bedroom. He finished the walls but still needs to install carpet before it’s finished. Luckily few months ago he can get a good deal on carpet from the auto show and all carpet he bought is still like new. Now that we have the carpet and ready to install on the floor, he said he will lay the carpet himself to save money, but he has no tools at home so he bought some used tools on ebay. He already received two tools but is waiting for one more tool to complete the carpet installation. He said to me, this way we can save some money and I agree with him, but I know it is hard to do especially when the carpet is so heavy. Well, that’s his choice so I abide by his decision and I probably can help him to carry the carpet….I hope every thing he started in the house will be finished and we’ll have a buyer for it soon…Hope and Pray!!!!

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