Proud to be a Mom

I got a tag from Lynn of My so-called Life 2 days ago. This is an interesting tag from Lynn again. I liked answering this tag for sure being a Proud new mom like most moms are. So Lynn thanks a lot for the thought of sharing this nice and interesting tag with me. Good luck to me and I’ll have fun answering the questions below.

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4. Answer the two-part questionnaire following these Rules. (Feel free to elaborate your answers. For questions 8 – 14, post only the one (1) which you believe best describes your choice.)
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7. Have Fun!

~ Parenting Style ~
1. Do you exercise full or minimal control over your child’s / children’s behavior?
Since my little boy is a year old now, I do minimal control with him but once he can understand what is right or wrong, we will do our best to full control him for his good in the future.
2. Do you expect your child / children to obey 100% or let her / him / them do what pleases her / him / them?
I do expect to obey us 100%. I hope anyway….
3. Do you welcome discussion or you simply set rules?
Yes discussion is really important with me and rules as well, maybe both,lol.
4. Do you reprimand?
Maybe in times come, lol. Let me see in the future when my little boy can understand if I said stay in the corner until you are good,lol.
5. Do you use spanking for punishment?
6. Do you use some kind of a reward System for motivation?
7. Do you enjoy being a Parent?
Yes, very much and very proud as well….
8. Are you a hands-on Parent or do you have a full-time Nanny?
I’m a hands-on parent.
9. At what age would you let your child make simple decisions for himself / herself?
Whenever as long as he can handle everything.
10.Do you and your Husband have the same Parenting Style?
Yes because we always share and discuss our thoughts with each other for parenting a kid/kids.

~ Wife Style ~
7.How long have you been married?
Almost 2 years
8.How do you feel about being a Wife?
It’s great….
9.What has been your typical sleeping attire since you got married?
shirts and pajama, same as I was single.
10.How do you show how appreciative you are of your Husband?
Give him appreciation and thanks to him…
11.What do you do when your Husband annoys you?
Nothing or maybe keep silent until his annoying stops,lol.
12.You are buying or planning to buy your first house as Husband and Wife.
Yes, when we finally live in the Philippines. The lot is already there and ready for our dream house, lol.
13.How does your house look like at the end of the day when Hubby gets home?
Yes, same and nothing will change
14.How do you feel about running a household?
15.What is the sweetest gift you have given your Husband so far?
My full love and our little boy

To wives and proud mothers like me, namely, Bobbie, Jessel, Shy, Jeanne, Cecille, Dhemz, Laine.

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  1. Lynn's Gravatar Lynn
    April 22, 2009 - 4:11 am | Permalink

    hello sis. thank u for doing this one. it’s an interesting tag indeed.

    ingatz. mwahugs!

  2. atomicvelvetsigh's Gravatar atomicvelvetsigh
    April 22, 2009 - 11:16 pm | Permalink

    Just droppin by to say thanks for the ec ad and i have accepted it now. it should be running in a few days!

  3. David's Gravatar David
    April 23, 2009 - 7:08 pm | Permalink

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    The underlying model developed by our team of psychologists reveals an underlying complexity far richer than just ‘strict’ or ‘relaxed’ classifications.

    And what’s particularly interesting is that you can take the test for a spouse and see where potential conflicts might lie and get advice on how to deal w/them. You can also compare results to your friends’.

  4. Cecile's Gravatar Cecile
    April 24, 2009 - 2:00 am | Permalink

    thanks for the tag, dear, will add your name on this one i posted :-)!

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