Walk and save some money…

We had 2 days of a clear sky here, now it’s quite cloudy. Yesterday we had nice sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s F. It was great day to get out and enjoy the nice weather. It is our first walk yesterday since the start of spring and we saved some money because I suggested to my husband that instead of going to the lake, we should walk to the vegetable store to shop for some fresh vegetables which we needed. That way we can save money for gasoline expenses at the same time we can have a long walk with our little boy. Yes, he approved of my suggestion. It was quite far though, but that’s fine too because we enjoyed our walk and afterward we used the stroller to carry the items we bought so it was easy to carry them home.

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  1. RE Ausetkmt's Gravatar RE Ausetkmt
    April 20, 2009 - 5:54 am | Permalink

    where did you go, randazzo’s on gratiot ?

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