Appointment for my tooth problem

The time I got pregnant with my little boy, it was the year 2007, I had root canal surgery because my tooth had a problem and made my face swollen. I just wanted to let my dentist pull my tooth to avoid the pain but she convinced me to save my tooth and get root canal surgery. I was hesitant because I was scared if it would affect my pregnancy but the dentist told me that it was OK and no harm would come to my baby in my tummy. So I made an appointment for a root canal and in minutes the said surgery was done. At first my dentist told me that she would make a crown for it in a few weeks after the surgery but after she checked my tooth, she said it was OK and no need for a crown. Until a few days ago one side of my tooth broke off and really bothered me to eat. I think if I would have gotten a crown for that tooth , It wouldn’t have broke and I wouldn’t have any problem with it now. Luckily we made an appointment for teeth cleaning a few days before it happened, instead my appointment being for cleaning it was to check my broken tooth which lead to having more surgery which is crown lengthening surgery. Today we made an appointment and it will be on the 2ND of June, but I haven’t fully decided yet if I’ll have it or not especially when it is quite expensive and I’m not sure if it is going to be covered by my husband’s insurance, if not, then I may decide to let my dentist pull out my tooth.

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    naku sakit magpabunot. ingat sis and God bless

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