Awards from my friends

I received 2 awards and a International bloggers community tag from my friends a while ago but only now I have an opportunity to post them on my blog. Sorry for this matter. The first 2 are from Lynn of Lynn Chic’s Spot which is a International Bloggers Community tag and a Hot momma award, lol, of her Sweet Temptation. Now I may thank her again for the thoughts of sharing this nice award with me and also for welcoming me to the community. Thanks a lot Lynn and I do really appreciate it.

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.
4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.
5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.
6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
7. Have Fun!

Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Lynn
2. His/her site’s title and url: Lynn Chic’s Spot
3. Date when you were tagged: April 26, 2009
4. Persons you tagged :Dhemz, Bob, Lyla, Cecile, Umma, Chuchie, Lovejoy, Twinks
The “Your Blog Is Over The Top award” was from Shy of Simply Happy Life. I have no idea if I deserve this one but I may thank her though for the thoughts of sharing this nice award with me. Shy, thanks a lot….

To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!
Each recipient of the award will acknowledge the person who honored them with the award and then go to, copy/paste the award : Your Blog is Over The Top. (located on the right sidebar, scroll down)

Now I tagged this award to the following, Lynn, Bob, Lyla, Cecile, Chuchie, Lovejoy, Twinks, Dhemz

9 Comments to "Awards from my friends"

  1. twinks's Gravatar twinks
    May 10, 2009 - 7:54 am | Permalink

    You definitely deserve all these awards! Happy Mom’s Day! Have a blessed day ^_^

  2. Lynn's Gravatar Lynn
    May 10, 2009 - 8:08 am | Permalink

    you’re welcome, sis and thank u for the tag too. will grab this soon. mwah!

    have u checked ur email na?

  3. Mel Alarilla's Gravatar Mel Alarilla
    May 10, 2009 - 10:53 pm | Permalink

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and to your mom. May God’s countless blessings be showered upon you and your loved ones. Congratulations too on your newest awards. You deserve them all. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  4. Lyla's Gravatar Lyla
    May 11, 2009 - 3:40 am | Permalink

    thank you award from you… I’ll put your award 🙂

  5. Lyla's Gravatar Lyla
    May 11, 2009 - 4:21 am | Permalink

    i’m post international blogger community in here

  6. Dhemz's Gravatar Dhemz
    May 11, 2009 - 7:24 am | Permalink

    Mommy Lis, salamat sa tag na ito ha…much appreciated sis…kumusta ang imong mother’s day celebration?

  7. BLoGGiSTa's Gravatar BLoGGiSTa
    May 11, 2009 - 9:55 am | Permalink

    hi lis, thanks for joining. i’ve included you in the masterlist already

    happy blogging!

  8. Chuchie Lopez-Wilks's Gravatar Chuchie Lopez-Wilks
    May 11, 2009 - 3:47 pm | Permalink

    Wow, thanks for the awards sis..ill grab them as soon as i can..

  9. Chuchie Lopez-Wilks's Gravatar Chuchie Lopez-Wilks
    May 12, 2009 - 3:59 pm | Permalink

    here sis to grab the awards..since i got the other awards i will link on you nalang sa akong daan nga post then ill post this award nga wala pa ko thanks a lot

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