Nice weekend

We have a nice weekend here. Even though I woke up quite late due to getting to sleep late last night but still we did cleaning outside. Yes, my little boy was so active last night and he didn’t want to sleep until really late. This afternoon after we finished everything inside our house my husband and I decided to clean outside. As I shared many times here, I like and enjoy working under the sun. Yes, every time we do cleaning in our front and backyard, I always ask my husband to let me help to clean up. My part is the front yard and his is the backyard. So today I used the lawn mower to cut the grass and do some cleaning in our driveway using a rake and a broom. What I like the most of using the lawn mower is that, seems like I get some exercise pulling it back and forth. Even my little boy had fun watching me and he tried to help me. Now he is getting tired and he is sleeping. So now I have time in front of the computer. You guys, how your weekend? Well here we have a nice weekend and no plans to go out for a walk for now.

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  1. RE Ausetkmt's Gravatar RE Ausetkmt
    May 30, 2009 - 9:16 pm | Permalink

    Hey Lisa, co’mon downtown and check out the Red Wings !!!!

    I’m sure your lil boy will love it; on the riverwalk; and of course Bob Will Too.

    let me know if you are coming to the hockey game, and we can meet at starbucks for a tea.

    GOOOO WINGS !!!!!!

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