He eats better now

In a post I made days ago I was talking about weaning of my little boy from breastfeeding. The reason I weaned him was not mentioned on my post. Also, I shared about how hard it was for me. Yes, it was really hard when my little boy cried for my milk. But now a few days after of weaning, all of my hardship has gone and I’m very happy that my little boy and I can finally adjust. Also I found out that he eats better now that he can’t depend on breast milk anymore. When I was breastfeeding him, he never ate good. He couldn’t finish the small amount I gave to him. That’s why I asked for advice from my family and friend and their advice was the same, to wean him from breastfeeding. It’s been a few days since I weaned him and I am very happy with the result and he eats better now.

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  1. DebbieDana's Gravatar DebbieDana
    June 15, 2009 - 5:23 pm | Permalink

    Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment the other day. Ganun din ako, as nanay, lagi na lang busy, so I understand your situation.

    Anyway, it's really hard at first to wean our baby, but it's for their own good naman. I weaned Daniel when he was almost 11 months because I took some antibiotics, it wasn't easy but he got used to it and now, he's already drinking whole milk on a sippy cup and ofcourse he eats alot of rice and vegies ( pinoy na pinoy, hehe ) Di siya mapili, lahat ng isubo ko sa kanya kinakain niya.

    Let Michael eat what you eat too so he'll get used to the taste eh magustuhan niya. Goodluck!

    Ingat and kiss din kay Michael…

    Debbie 🙂

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