We went to 3 stores

Here, we have a nice and quite busy Tuesday. But that’s OK because it was really a nice, warm and sunny afternoon. Yes we went to 3 stores in the afternoon. First we went to Home Depot and one customer from inside the store told us that the computer system was broke and they were not able to check out any items, so what we did we went to Sears to get the things we needed which was paints for our walls and ceiling. When we went to Sears we couldn’t find the paint we wanted so my husband decided to try Meijer but we couldn’t get all the paint we wanted there either so we went back to Home depot and finally we got all the paint we wanted. So now that we have all the paint here for our walls and ceiling, we can start painting soon. I like to paint walls and I hope my husband will let me help him if our little boy gives me time. Let see.

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