Prospective buyers

It’s been near 2 weeks now that our house has been on the market with the real estate agent. There were some prospective buyers coming in to view the house and so far no luck yet. The first buyer really wanted the house but when the wife saw that the toilet was not big enough for her, they decided not to buy. The next buyer really wanted to buy too then they offered $8,000 lower than the price given, of course my husband couldn’t accept it due to the fact that the price we are asking is really so low and he said we just wait for some buyers to give a better price. So today supposedly 2 clients were to come over to view the house but a few hours before of the schedule time the realtor called my husband and said one of the clients postponed the schedule and the other one cancelled. Well the customer is always right is what I or we know so patience is good for us here at this time and we’ll just wait for the best and exact time of the house to sold out. So good luck to us here!

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