Due to the excitement of packing, I haven’t anything to wear on my feet, lol. Yes, because I’m excited about packing things here, I have no shoes or sandals remaining here after we packed and sent Balikbayan boxes to the Manila Forwarders LA office for shipment to the Philippines. I noticed a week after we sent the 2 boxes to the said office and I said Ohhh!!!! I have no shoes here. My husband teased me to wear my flip flops. Yes I can wear flip flops but on an airplane with long hours of flight it can get quite cool for me and I need warm shoes on my feet. So I needed a new pair of shoes which I bought yesterday. Luckily they were on sale with a great on a nice brand of shoes which is Dr Scholl’s!

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  1. Juliet's Gravatar Juliet
    September 19, 2009 - 11:23 pm | Permalink

    hi lis, taga argaom diay ka? daghan baya ko kauban sa trabaho sa una na taga argao. sige gani sila mamista didto. sa lacion man ko nagpuyo layo ra sa inyo. ayoayo na lang sa paglarga.

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