To update our house sale

To update our house sale, the processing is still stuck in the corner of the FHA loan. Yes as I’ve shared a couple months ago that we already had a buyer for the house and we’re just waiting for the house closing. As I’ve said in a few of my updates the buyer used FHA for financing the loan for this house and we were happy with that because we thought every thing’s OK and after weeks of waiting for the house closing, the realtor told my husband that the final inspector of FHA said that the garage needs some painting of the peeling paint. So my husband didn’t hesitate to do it because we need this deal to be done. Unfortunately the final inspector inspected the garage again without knowing we were here and didn’t approve the work of my husband. So we had no idea what to do in fact we did our best to please him or her. It would have been a better idea if she or he came to the house to inspect the garage paint and tell us what’s the problem directly. Why did she or he disapprove of the paint on the garage and then wouldn’t let us see her or him when she or he inspected the garage. Last week the one who really inspected the entire house told my husband what she wanted was to scrape the peeling paint off the garage door and then put two coats of paint on just the areas where the paint had peeled, so my husband did it again but the strict final inspector again had a problem with it. He never approved it and said he wants the entire garage door painted with two coats! Well, my husband had no choice but to paint the whole door garage to pleased the hard headed final inspector for the FHA loan. Now, after the whole garage door has been painted twice, we haven’t heard any comments from them again, whether they approve of it or not and even our realtor never heard from them. Honestly if we are not so eager to sell this house we probably would have no more PATIENCE here. It is really hard to deal with two different inspectors who have two different requirements to satisfy. I say this because if we had only one inspector probably the house deal would have closed already. I have no idea if that’s the regulation of FHA loan or just the personal intention of the employee towards us, but why do they do that? It really isn’t fair to the the sellers especially since we have to sell the house for 1/3 of the true value. It really is so tiring and really so hard to deal with and please them especially when we can’t talk or communicate with them directly, just through our realtor. Well, still hoping though.

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  1. Dorothy L's Gravatar Dorothy L
    October 15, 2009 - 1:43 am | Permalink

    That is just ridiculous Lisa. Why can't your Realtor do something…this is above and beyond any closing issues I have ever heard of.
    Have you thought of calling the bank and asking them exactly what the proper protocol is?

    I feel for you both as this is very unfair to you and the future owners also.

    I still have my fingers and toes crossed for your luck to present itself 🙂

  2. Dorothy L's Gravatar Dorothy L
    October 15, 2009 - 10:13 pm | Permalink

    Hey Lisa…if you have a lawyer…you may want to talk to him/her. It sounds like you are getting the run around for sure.
    AS I said… it is past ridiculous already. This is so unprofessional at best.

    Keep trying to contact them in any way you can!

    Good luck again 🙂

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