Monthly Archives: February, 2010

I gained weight after a few months of living here

I think a month ago I shared with you about how I gained weight after a few months of living here. Yes, as I’ve said before, all the foods I missed when I was in he USA, I can really eat now which means I’m eating more now than before. Now I’ve noticed that I’m […]

A day of relaxation

I have a day of relaxation and break from the busy weekdays. Yes, Sunday I can tell that it’s a day of relaxation due to the fact that there is nothing much to do in morning time. On weekdays as I’ve said I’m really busy here. There are lots of things to prepare for the […]

Make your wrinkles disappear

Everyone knows with age comes wrinkles. Some of us would like to look younger by making those wrinkles disappear. It is really possible to make your wrinkles disappear if you use the best rated wrinkle cream . Now you can find the best rated wrinkle cream if you go to where they review wrinkle […]

Saturday is my busiest day

Saturday is my busiest day. Aside from daily work, I have lots of things to fix. I am happy enough that my little boy gives more time in front of the computer today and I can make more than one post, yeah!!!! Yes, he sleeps earlier than usual and until now he is still sleeping. […]

Baby eczema

Baby eczema is one of the topics I’m talking about here. Why?, it’s because our little princess has baby eczema. The little princess I’m talking about is my youngest sister’s daughter. She is a month old now and my little boy had the same problem when he was a baby. My sister asked me how […]